i am the gurber jug&finesse team

hi my name is roy. i like sports and chilling with my friends. i like playing gta5 and i dont like when people mess with or disrespectful to my mom. im in the 11th grade.i have attitude problems and i hate being disrespected .The reason i put awolworld as my website name because it feel like when he got murdered  a whole section of my soul and mind left me. AWOL/jerry was my uncle like i hung out with him all day. All the kids that ditched a class or two he would let us stay at his house and play the game for a while after a while tho he would eventually would start telling us that we need to get better and what we could do if we put our mind to it but hearing that from him is like hearing donald trump saying he loved black people .i know he really just wanted us to go to school but the more i talk about this it brings me down soo imma change it upI i like mexican food i like to travel and see new things meet new people but anyway this was just a little somthing about the jug team him self.



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